The birth of each tailored article is conceived when our specialist team transforms client’s inspiration and emotion of well being from imagination to design and then on to a drawing board. The journey starts there and then the process of resourcing the absolute protagonists and the finest raw materials begin transforming them into unique creations of elegance.


We look to create synergy in interior design and architecture. Our architects are executive and well versed with our manufacturer products. Depending on the scale of the product we also provide turnkey design and construction services. In our designs classical style is amazingly harmonised with comfort and contemporary design.


Our manufacturers are some of the world’s leading interior designers. All our products are designed & created by Italian craftsmen, which qualifies Italian taste all around the world. The manufacturing stages involve revising old craftsmanship perfectly mixed with cutting edge automated elements.


We coordinate and manage all design teams and suppliers on our projects for impeccable and timely delivery of our designs. We manage our projects through all different phases for End – End project delivery.

This process is followed across journey of all our bespoke creations. At Luxmasons we conduct our work to the aspirations and satisfaction of our clients with high standards of respect for our environment.